CVS Health: Digital Rebranding for Analytics

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of competing alongside a few of my classmates at the Wake Forest Marketing Analytics Summit. Our challenge? To create a solution to attract, retain and grow analytics talent among millennials for CVS. While we didn’t place, we immediately saw the implementation of one of our solutions:


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.21.34 AM

As a team we did some design thinking to get to the heart of our solution, but I owned our digital rebranding strategy as a way to increase consideration of CVS Health as an  employer of choice in the analytics space.


Digital Perceptions

Using TweetArchiver and, I pulled 11k tweets, LinkedIn posts from the past month and Glassdoor reviews for analysts within the past year about CVS Health. What I found was a lot of job post spam on LinkedIn and Twitter and subpar reviews on Glassdoor.


TweetMyJobs is a company that posts job listings on behalf of their clients and it totally swamped the CVS brand! LinkedIn posts were primarily from CVS employees posting job openings and had very low engagement. Posts about what CVS was doing had higher engagement.

Audience Overview

Attracting analytics talent is a problem for everyone who isn’t Google, Facebook or Amazon. Companies can’t rely on great talent finding them organically, they have to go where their audience is.


When I think of the analysts and data scientists I know, they’re super passionate and are solving problems during their 9-5 AND their 5-9. They seek out current information on technology and best practices through newsletters and data science sites.

I used GoogleTrends, Twitter hashtags and web traffic from an anonymous data website to find trends in usage. Early mornings are spent browsing twitter, followed by catching up on the latest tech news at the start of their work day. Afternoons are spent exploring data sets and late into the night, these analysts are looking for open source data. Probably for their passion projects.


Below is an overview of an array of solutions that CVS could adopt and how they could measure those solutions. We focused on Social Media, Digital Marketing, Sponsored Content and Content Creation. I’ll highlight just a few.


Social Media

Immediately, we recommended stopping job post spam. While millennials are looking for jobs and we are on twitter, we’re not necessarily looking for jobs on Twitter.

On LinkedIn, CVS Health should push more content about their current initiatives as well as sharing more third party content.

Digital Marketing

AGH! CVS wasn’t even betting on their own branded keywords, but Accenture was:
Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.41.57 AM

I was just searching for CVS’s digital innovation lab and Accenture (who pays nothing just to be on that page) popped up. CVS Health of course has an SEM strategy for their pharmacies, but when it comes to attracting talent they need to create one.

Content Creation

Much like Netflix or Airbnb, we recommended CVS Health create an analytics focused blog. This would be a great way to provide updates from their Digital Innovation Lab, highlight data challenges and share open source code to engage engineers and data analysts with their solutions. I created a mock up of what an ideal website would look like:

Website Mock Up

That’s all! If you want to see the rest of our recommendations or see me talk a little too fast, you can check out the recording of our presentation.



Shout out to Tower Solutions:


Real photo of me telling the judges a thing or two about data:


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